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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Local Business You Should Visit...

As we began planning our Daisy Girl Scout Pumpkin Picking Trip, Fresh and Fancy Farms (formerly Klinger's) located in New Milford, NJ came to our attention.  With 23 Daisy Scouts, we were trying to keep the trip low-key, and with a little flare!  Fresh and Fancy offered us a pumpkin picking trip along with pumpkin painting, cider and cupcakes for (get this) $10/girl!  We know a deal when we see one- so we went!

We did not plan on the snow, however.  As I began to get calls from Daisy-Mom's saying that there were trees down, and the roads were not clear for them to come to the farm, I also got a call from Meg at Fresh and Fancy saying they were just finishing our cupcakes!

Off we went!  6 girls came out to the farm, and we had a BLAST!  The folks at Fresh and Faancy kept their greenhouse open, and we painted, glittered, and bedazzled some pumpklins.  They had yummy cider, fancy pumpkin cupcakes, and and a great day all around! 

If you are a troop leader, class mom, or just really enjoy visiting a really cool farm, go to Fresh and Fancy in New Milford, NJ.  It's family owned and operated, and so much fun! 

Check out their website: http://freshandfancyfarms.com/