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Thursday, December 1, 2011

BEST Christmas Lights in NJ

According to Yahoo.com, these are the BEST places to see Christmas lights in New Jersey....  Check 'em out! 
Every year I speak with family and friends and hunt the internet for the best Christmas light displays in New Jersey. Everyone of all ages are always amazed at the residential homes that go above and beyond to make the holidays so special. The following is a listing of Christmas lights in New Jersey that are worth the trip. Hopefully, this will help you take the initial search out of your trip! Enjoy! If you know of other great finds, please leave a comment.
Did you know that New Jersey is home to the first electric Christmas lights? Thomas Edison showed of his new electric Christmas lights in his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey in the year 1880. Outdoor Christmas lights were not introduced to the public until 1927-1928!

South Jersey 265 Georgia Drive, Brick, NJ
Home has in excess of 20,000 lights, fishing Santa (mechanized), 28ft tall Patriotic (RWB) tree all connected to 64 LOR channels and a few X-10 circuits.
117 Virginia Avenue, Westmont, NJ
Hours are 5pm till 11pm every day December 1st thru January.
Pitman Light Display, North Avenue, Pitman, NJ
Located in the in the Grove Section of Pitman, which is a block off of S. Broadway. The display includes numerous homes and you can actually walk through the yards.
Love Lights, 6 Glenn Forge Drive, Sicklerville, NJ
Over 8000 lights, all computer controlled, FM transmitter.  

  Central Jersey

13 Sterling Court, East Brunswick, NJ
In 2008 the entire display was completed by their teenager. It consisted of 110,000 lights, 8 inflatables, and 100 various yard decorations. They also have a annual Santa night.
Tom and Krys' Winter Wonderland, 10 Central Avenue, Old Bridge, NJ
Display has more than 100,000 lights and a 22 foot Christmas tree entirely made of lights and synchronized to a selection of music. Hours are 5-9 PM.
Brown Family Lights, 316 Dey Grove Road, Monroe, New Jersey
Over 80,000 computer animated lights set to music. 09. Set your radio station to 95.3 FM.

Brotherhood Street, Piscataway, New Jersey
Over 10000 lights and over 120 computer controlled channels. Many handmade projects on display.

Bernard Street, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Off of Princeton Pike, before Lawrence High School. Shows from 5:30pm-9pm, Sun-Thursday, Friday and Saturday till 10:00 pm. Tune to 102.3FM when your pulling up.
127 Hidden Trail, North Plainfield, New Jersey
Includes 22,000 lights, animated Santa's workshop in the garage, back yard filled with light up deer and trees, huge animated Santa in front window.

North Jersey
136 Arnot Street, Lodi, NJ 07644
As of 2007 the display featured almost 45,000 lights, synchronized to music by 102 computer channels. The music can be heard over 4 outdoor speakers and is broadcast over 91.3 FM. Other features include a nativity, polar bear scene, Santa's Workshop, Snowman Snowball Fight, shooting stars, and a bubble blower for a snow effect.

Also c/o Yahoo.com, check out this info on Mahwah:

Every family has a tradition that marks the beginning of the Christmas season. When my mom was a little girl, it was coming home from church Thanksgiving morning in time to see Santa in the Macy's Parade. When I was growing up, our tradition was going to see a house a couple towns away that had an awesome lights display. The tradition began to lag as we got older, as our family tradition was shared by more and more people, to the point of requiring police to direct traffic around the house. The display is on a dead end in Mahwah, New Jersey, and has become quite the tourist attraction.
It all started with a wealthy Elvis impersonator who went a little overboard with his Christmas lights. He has "the king" on his rooftop, along with Marilyn Monroe and some other characters! Neighbors joined in, and now one can travel through the two cul-de-sacs and enjoy a rare spectacle. They have lights on islands in the middle of ponds, along grass and trees and bushes, even completely lining walls. There are so many lights involved that, as one website pointed out, " An article in the Bergen Record [local paper]...mentioned it cost $200/night to power the Christmas Lights and that there were 12 electrical substations on the property to handle the load" (see http://www.fourfold.ca/billm/Misc/Christmas/2004/ElvisHouseInMahwah/ElvisHouse.htm). An attentive viewer can find Lady Liberty and Father Christmas, and if you step out of your car, you should even hear some music.
As I said, the attraction has grown so much that Mahwah police officers are needed on the weekend to direct traffic. Last time I went to see them a few years ago, we sat in traffic for a good 45 minutes before even getting to the streets. But, as long as you have good company and maybe a snack, the wait is well worth it.
The "Elvis House", as it has come to be called, is located on Victoria Lane in Mahwah, New Jersey, which is about a half hour outside of New York City (depending on the traffic, of course). To get there, take NJ Route 17 to the Rt. 202-Ramapo Valley Road Exit toward Oakland, which is all the way up Rt. 17, almost into New York State. Go down Ramapo Valley Road past Ramapo College of NJ. Pause and do me the favor of giving my alma mater a wave! Right past the college, you will turn left onto Darlington, then very shortly take your first right onto Campgaw. Drive down Campgaw about a mile. When you are forced to stop behind a long line of waiting cars stopped ahead of you, you will know that you have arrived on line.
I encourage you, if you are in the Bergen County area, or even if you are in New York City and want to venture into the suburbs, to check out this spectacle. It is truly one-of-a-kind. Sadly, now I am far away in Virginia, and my Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving when I turn on the radio in the car, and hear Christmas carols for the first time, generally causing a groan as I am reminded that I should probably start my Christmas shopping. Ah how I long for the good old days, with Elvis wishing me a Merry Christmas.


  1. I see some of the dates of these displays go back to 2008, have they been verified that they are still running in 2011? I would hate to drive to them with a handicapped child only to find they are no longer doing them.

  2. From what we gather, these are annual displays. It is HIGHLY recommended that you reach out to the town/venue in advance to confirm. We are finding that fewer and fewer displays are popping up.

  3. Mahway hasnt been doing theres for a couple years now

  4. Elvis house in Mahwah - no longer, reports say.

  5. As of Dec. 3, 2011 the Mahwah "Elvis" home is not decorated!!

  6. Come visit us in Denville!!

  7. Brown Family Lights is proudly in their 6th season! More than 100,000 lights this year. www.brownfamilylights.com

  8. The lodi house on Arnot street does not put lights on anymore :(

    1. Sorry, the display became too time consuming to put up and take down. The display items were showing their age and required additional maintenance and expense. We would have to do a major revamp of almost everything except the electronics that power the display. A lottery win would help though!